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Of all of the activities undertaken by Window Decor Fabric and Designs Company, the following environmental considerations are made:

1) Water Conservation and Pollution.
     Shortage of water is consistently experienced in Botswana; therefore, we use all water conservation methods advised by the Department of Water Affairs and Water Utilities Corporation.

     Water pollution is consistently observed.  We use portable and treated water for construction.  We execute effluent disposal in the appropriate municipal system.

2)  Air Pollution
      All projects that may potentially pollute are submitted to the relevant Government Authority and a method statement of disposal/cleaning is adopted before commencement.  GED, (Green House Gases), reduction is observed in all equipment proposed for use in any project.

3)  Soil Pollution
The construction industry often uses soil poison in foundation and substructure works.  The company endeavors to use only those material approved by the international community.

4)  Noise Reduction/Pollution
     In all installations, particularly, of existing or building or construction projects adjacent to habitable spaces; noise reduction is of paramount importance.  Proper ear protection is used where high frequency sounds are produced.

5)  Safety Policy
     Window Decor Fabric & Designs (Proprietary) Limited, observes and support the Botswana Government Policy on Safety Issues.  All sites shall have a First Aid Kit, Hard Boots, and Helmets/Hard Hats are provided to each employee and constant checks are made at construction sites.

The company carries a WORKMAN COMPENSATION Policy for each employee.